Trinidad, 2015

The first week of our visit to Trinidad is almost over -- it has flown by. I have been thinking of all of the people who so graciously donated supplies this week, with lots of gratitude. Thanks to generous financial contributions, donations of much needed fittings, a lot of tools and supplies, gently used strings that we'll be able to tell the musicians were last played on a Stradivari and a del Gesu! There was both bow hair and bow rehairs to add to the donations. We have been able to put together four good outfits for some of the more promising players here. Their current instruments, once they've had a thorough check-over, will be handed on to beginner players. In addition, as always, there are piles of instruments and bows belonging to students at the academy, in dire need of professional attention.
Anna and I have set up shop on neighboring patios. The backdrop is rather gorgeous and the occasional visits from the local wildlife can be distracting. On New Year's day I must have spent an hour admiring the lovely peacock displays. Next week we will start the teaching part of the trip. I can't wait to see the students' faces when they see their new set of tools, thanks, again, to our awesome donors. This enterprise is very much a group effort -- we couldn't do it without their help. Everyone's contribution to this trip has made it a huge success!

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