Trinidad, 2017

2017 has been an active one for LSF-USA. The following are some of the highlights from our year…

  • A mission trip to Trinidad was planned and executed, resulting in two weeks of volunteer work and education
  • Natasha Seally-Worrell, traveled from Trinidad to Atlanta, GA to spend a week interning at Huthmaker Violins
  • Dionne Smith and Akil Patrick traveled from Trinidad to Washington DC where they spent two weeks interning at Potter Violins, after which they traveled to Atlanta, GA to intern for two weeks at Huthmaker Violins. During their travels, they were invited to tour International Strings and Howard Core, Inc.
  • Instruments and supplies were collected throughout the year and distributed to organizations in Trinidad and the United States in conjunction with our parent organization, Luthiers sans Frontieres
  • LSF-USA partnered with Huthmaker Violins to provide a ‘cello bow to a deserving student in Honduras
  • LSF-USA partnered with the Main Street Symphony, an adult amateur orchestra based in Suwanee, Georgia.
  • Hock Tools featured LSF-USA in an article on their website
  • An “Instrument Swap Meet’ was hosted, raising over $250 for LSF-USA
  • A grant for purchase of clarinets for the Community Outreach Program of Port of Spain was made in the memory of Don Norton, Georgia musician.

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