We serve music programs in developing countries that have no local access to luthiers or repair specialists.
We educate local musicians or civilians in string instrument and bow repair through a multi-year educational program.
We donate tools and supplies when possible.


We do not work with programs that already have local professional luthier services.
We do not simply do needed repairs. While some repairs will be done during our visit, the primary goal is to educate new luthiers. Our mission is to create a self-sustaining program, making ourselves redundant in the future.


What are the costs associated with a LSF-USA mission?
Host programs typically provide flights for LSF-USA instructors and housing during the duration of the program.

How long does a typical LSF-USA visit last?
Normally, 1-2 weeks with the possibility of the program lasting longer.

What does a host program need to provide?
First and foremost, students. We require anywhere from 3-5 students. Students should be committed to learning a new skill and should be prepared to spend the duration of the class working with LSF-USA teachers. Students should also be committed to continuing their studies, with on-line assistance, for the next few years.
Program also needs to provide a well-lit workspace with tables, chairs, electricity, running water and work lamps.

What does a Luthier do if they would like to be involved?
Contact us! We would love to have you! We are limited only by our resources and available luthiers to send on missions.

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